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Rotis, Breads, Pies, Paratas Pizzas and More

Bread & Pies

The recipes in this section are largely a selection of savory breads, pies and pizzas. They usually involve the use of flour and are baked or fried on a tava or griddle.

There are recipes for rotis & parata which are cooked on the stove top on a tava or pan & pizza and pies that are baked in an oven. They are all delicious. If you are watching your diet you may prefer to use the roti recipe as the butter content is minimal compared to parata. But when you want to have a special meal then make the parata.

Ghee or clarified butter is an ingredient that is used in several recipes. It is commonly used in the making of Indian breads such as recipes on this site as well as in several desserts and sweetmeats. The recipe for making ghee will make it very easy for you to make your own fresh ghee. The pictures illustrate the process.

There may be a few non-vegetarian recipes contributed by guest cooks. We respect the food choices of our guest cooks.

Recipe Conversions

Many recipes on this site have their origins in other parts of the world. Sometimes the measures used, may not be familiar. Use this handy link to easily convert the measures to that which you use.
Recipe Conversions
The link that follows will help you in finding the correct pan size for baking.
Find Your Correct Baking Pan Size

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